Joanne DeCaro

Writer. Photographer. Storyteller.


Joanne is a multi-media storyteller, trained in photography, video, and diverse forms of written storytelling. She is a doctoral candidate in the department of Criminology, Law and Society at UCI. She is a Ford Foundation fellow and a Eugene Cota-Robles fellow. Her thesis project, Angelenos Incarcerated: The LA County Jail Oral History Project, presents the narratives of former inmates through audio and video interviews, interactive mapping, topical exhibits, and a documentary short film. Joanne specializes in oral history and digital humanities. Joanne has been a photographer and writer for multiple Los Angeles area publications. She is a professional event and portrait photographer; previously having studied photojournalism and videography at Brooks Institute of Photography. Her recent adventures include a month-long stay in Kenya, from which she produced a documentary short film on sexual violence in Kenya, and an internship as a photographer, videographer, and speechwriter for the Governor of Massachusetts.